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Ghost apples hang from the frozen trees in Chatterbox World’s apple orchards. The only sound you can hear, is the scratching of Pantar the Panther and the Dread Rabbit Olc, as they tear away at the frozen statues that lie silently within the spellbound gardens.

Chatterbox World is in turmoil. Tinker’s life and all that he stands for is challenged. The animals and humans are forced to take sides and the peacefulness that exists in this magical world is fractured.

Thomas, Lolly and Pickles’ adventures begin in the small town of Stibbard. These middle school kids certainly get more than they bargained for when they attempt to pull off a confidence trick in Quackenberry’s Five and Dime. The consequence; running for their lives through the dark and ominous Pernicious Woods of Chatterbox World and ultimately becoming deeply involved with its dark and turbulent past.

Adventure, suspense, mystery and a touch of evil are mixed into this twisty tale; where Thomas faces his fears of loneliness and rejection and Pickles and Lolly are challenged to leave behind their deceitful tendencies.

In this second book of the Chatterbox Series, you’ll plunge back into Poppy’s Chatterbox World, meet remarkable new characters and catch a glimpse of some of your favorites from The Chatterbox Girl.

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The third book in the Chatterbox Trilogy

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