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The Chatterbox Girl is a fun adventure/fantasy story for all ages!. If you've read the book, please leave your comments here!

If you have questions about the book, feel free to ask!

The Chatterbox Girl is available here on this website. If you want a signed or dedicated copy, please click on the icon of the book above and purchase through credit card or paypal.

The Chatterbox Girl is available on in both softcover and ebook format

The book is also available at Fiske's General Store, Coffee Haven, Market and Brayhill Country Store in Holliston MA

This cute chameleon is part of the next book I am writing about Chatterbox World. Please stay tuned for more details on my upcoming sequel!

Thanks for your input! Happy reading!

Elaine Carrier

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bill carrier
bill carrier
Apr 19, 2022

Hi, The comments are a link from the blog page.

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